Sunday, 8 July 2007


I often pause to count my blessings and I guess when I tally up the pluses and minuses of my life I end up with a positive so why do I feel negative sometimes? why do we so often desire what we don't have?
Over the past weeks i have been busy working and it has been good, I have enjoyed the work and I have enjoyed being a worker again, it feels good but I still have that place deep inside me that is hurting and telling me that I'm not a good person. I know this is all part of my illness and I have employed a technique given to me by a wonderful friend which involves visualising two wolves inside me, a good wolf (positive stuff) and a bad wolf (negative stuff) I have tried to keep feeding the good wolf and starving the bad one. I haven't explained that very well but believe me it has helped me so much.


KB said...

Good to see you're still feeding the good wolf Toadee. Thanks for reminding me too. I'll have to copy and paste from lj and post in blog.

Toadee said...

it is really helping me to seek out the good in situations, thank you