Tuesday, 25 November 2008


I'm over you
all the stuff we used to do
those days of secret games

It's over and you'll find
we're both out of my mind
no more slushy names

It didn't mean a thing
the special songs we used to sing
this silence is much better

just photos stored away
from a long gone, sunny day
the odd dreamy, perfumed letter

Tuesday, 18 November 2008

on being depressed

When I'm down,
I feel like a half drawn cartoon.
I'm here, and it may be fairly obvious who, or what I am
I'm some how incomplete
I'm here
in outline
but I'm not awfully solid
I'm empty,
lacking colour and background
there is no movement,
no life.
I am unanimated
When I am complete
I'll have resilience
and comic immortality,
drop an anvil on my head,
I'll re-inflate myself
run over me with a steam roller,
I'll peel my self from the road and carry on
but now
at this moment
I remain flat
on the page
two dimensional,
I need an artist who
with bold strokes
can make me whole
who will ink in
a rainbow existence
check continuity
plot my course
and script my life.


eternally bringing death
for life eternal
nightly sipping life
i cannot die
the wrath of timeless pain
my only shadow
the owls morose refrain
my only muse
I crave the grave
and sweet eternal sleep
driven by base needs
I want
and weep
and weep

Saturday, 8 November 2008

masked ball

Your festival smile draws us in,
promising pleasure,
a party within
those sparkling eyes offering fun
a hint of mischief
you shine like the sun.
In your special party dress, cut to hug your figure
you dance until the dawn
you embody life and vigour.
Whirling on the dance floor,laughing as you leap
it's only when the ball is over
you allow yourself to weep

Monday, 3 November 2008

Grow up

Grow up, feel the pain
of labouring in vain

Hear the ticking of the clock
growing faster, keen to mock

See the leaves fall from the tree
wondering how long spring will be

Believe that you just can't win
with your spirit lost within

Chase deadlines until your dead
where once you chased dreams instead