Sunday, 9 December 2007

male and female

There was an interesting item on the radio the other day.

Apparently there is mounting evidence that the French are right to assign a gender to all items.

A train is definitely male as it never comes when it should and always uses the same lines to pick people up.

A remote control is female as It gives men hours of pleasure even though they don't really understand how it works and he can happily press the wrong buttons for hours.

Monday, 3 December 2007


do you ever encounter a place or a person and find it gets you thinking about how things might have been.

I am a big user of the what if line of thought, it's a weakness of mine.

Last week i spent a lot of time in another part of the country and I thought a lot about someone who i always associate with that area wondering how life might have been different if we had met earlier.

Such thinking is not good as it doesn't change what is but in a way I enjoy, just for a short while, 'living' that alternative life.