Saturday, 10 July 2010

The cream cake of life

Is your life a real confection
a tasty, sticky, sweet selection
or is it more a dried up husk
a basic, tasteless, stodgy rusk

How it turns out depends on the maker
and that means you 'cos you're the baker

So make your life much more eclairy
with cream still fresh from nature's dairy
smothered in a chocolate layer
wrapped in pastry, light as air
flavour filled from end to end
and tasted by each special friend

Monday, 17 May 2010

In truth

Tell my friends
I'm out.....or ill, or indisposed
The kids are ill
make sure the teacher knows
Excuse my absence
tell my boss I have to go
my grandma's ill (again)
and her demise is very slow.
If mother rings
tell her I'm in the bath
make sure you sue the council
for that lumpy path.
If my sister asks
I've dropped another size
But don't play me false in love
the one thing I hate is lies.

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

This love

This love is simple
a gentle glow
a comfortable warmth
felt with the heart and soul

This love is more in dreams than diamonds
in sharing
because we are one
and all we have
everything and nothing
is ours

This love is not only in words
but in the silence between
it is ours alone
not for show
This love is a whisper
not a shout

Tuesday, 13 April 2010

a future

Do you ever stop and wonder
and maybe even cry
as you end another empty day
still asking yourself, why?

does your soul continue yearning
with a need you dare not face
and is your heart still needing
a soul-mate to embrace

Do you need to find your world
a place where troubles cease
I place where I will take you
where together we'll find peace

Wednesday, 7 April 2010

the spirit of love

The pain stopped at 2:35pm.
Louise looked up and saw blue skies and once again felt the gentle warmth of the autumn sun on her face.
‘I’m not alone, I will never be alone’ she thought and, closing her eyes, she dozed contentedly.

When the messages had stopped she had assumed that it was a technical problem, that a circuit had blown or a protocol been corrupted. She had missed him but knew that he would sort it out.
She had reflected on their relationship, taking pleasure in the special times they had shared, listening to their music, remembering their love making.

They had met only 6 months earlier but it seemed as though they had always known each other. Together they had marvelled at the feelings they shared, their parallel experiences oneness of spirit and similar aspirations. They had laughed as they said and thought the same things or finished one another's sentences.
From almost the beginning they had agreed that they belonged together and had shared dreams of an idyllic future, of a time when there would be no need to suffer misunderstanding and no struggle to explain confused feelings or half formed ideas and dreams.
Both had realised that they were lucky, most people never find a perfect love and may never know what love truly is. Louise had felt so relieved to finally know that her search had ended, that the dark corners of her soul had been illuminated and that the key she had sought so long had been found and had unlocked a treasure chest of love and emotions.

After a week with no contact she started to ask around the various communities
'.......has any one heard from......'
'what's happened to...'
No-one knew, some said that they missed him too but they couldn't know how much he was truly missed.

Anger followed, he was like all the others, flirty and charming - until he got bored. He had used her, she had allowed herself to be used. She had failed, he had failed her.
She took to sitting, deep in thought, ignoring calls, forgetting to eat, lacking the strength to clean or work. Deep in self pity and suddenly seeing the evil and sadness which surrounded her.
And so she came to be sitting on an old bench near a tree, in the park. A bench she sad sat on quite suddenly although, had it not been there, she would've sat on the ground since her legs would not have supported her.
She had been walking through the park towards the lake having decided , in a flash of clarity, that she was to blame for his absence and that she was of no benefit to the world at large which would surely forget her before she had even disappeared beneath the surface.
As she passed the tree she had heard a noise and had looked up, there was nothing there. The slight movement of the branches had awoken more painful memories. They had both loved nature and had planned, one day, to live far away from the city, surrounded by their beloved trees and lakes.
Louise had sobbed and her whole body had begun to shake as she cried out in anguish and frustration

'I loved you so much, you were my life, my reason. I will not live without you'

'I love you still' he replied 'we are one in soul and in spirit, live now for both of us my dear, sweet Louise'

she felt him enter her as the last barrier of doubt dissolved.

Monday, 29 March 2010

A new beginning

Senses begin to awaken
A whisper of warm air brushes my cheek and birds sing in celebration, I taste the tang of salt on the air and, opening my eyes I see the ocean spread before me like an endless plain.
I turn and see the land swelling gently like a soft, green, crumpled duvet.
The breeze carries the scent of woodland flowers and my heart feels at peace.

I sit for a while under the shade of an ancient oak tree and breath deeply and slowly as my mind slips into a meditative state.

I am aware, as though reading from a book, that I have suffered and that I have fought hard to keep my sanity. I know that I bear many invisible scars, memories of battles won and lost, conflict created and avoided, chances taken, chances missed. The principals, no longer performing, parade before me allowing me to see, often for the first time, the people beneath the greasepaint.

The parents who dominated, expected and watched now stripped of their masks revealing anxious, care worn faces.

The siblings no longer competing and squabbling show themselves as strong yet loving.

Partners, not too many and each with memories. Stripped of their costume and role they are a diverse group I am the only common denominator

My children in their roles as tormentors, leeches and succubi where played by young people in need of love and security, good people with good moral sense and hearts brim full of love.

Colleagues pass me too, strange that without their trappings, their uniforms, they seem a lot like me. They worry, they struggle and they hide their insecurities.

A touch, gentle on my cheek, wakes me and I look up into the smiling face of my beloved. A tear falls and splashes on my face, her hand grips mine. I am alive, I have a chance, a new beginning.

Thursday, 18 March 2010

goodbye, for now (no not literally)

Our tree stands by the lakeside, a still sentinel eternally watching, waiting.

The house, our house, is to big for me now. The memories it holds to painful - the pain that only love brings.

I wander through each room, to say goodbye. I can't bear to let go completely but I don't know if I will come back here.

The attic, full of higgledy piggledy memories, special times, painful times. Broken, much loved, bric-a-brac hidden in dark corners and, scattered throughout, snapshots of our life.

In the bedroom I hear the sound of your laughter, your pleasure, quietly now beneath the beat of my heart. Our bed collects dust, it's covers unruffled.

The bathroom, clean and clinical, was once a playground. A slippy, sensuous place of wild laughter and desire.

I stop for a while in the lounge where secrets were shared, plans made and exciting schemes hatched. The old sofa, where we sat for hours reading, talking and sometimes cuddling together when we were to weary to move.

I pass through the kitchen, so utilitarian now, sides wiped clean of the crumbs of our last snack. The cupboards stripped of all the things we loved to share.

I look towards the cellar door but I won't go down there. I know that nestles there, in a strong box, surrounded by bubble wrap, my heart will be safe. It belongs here, I don't need it any more.

I leave our house, windows firmly shuttered so that no passer-by can see into our life. Locking the door I leave a key beneath a stone, in case you happen by.

And as I walk away I steal a backwards glance. The house stands in darkness but for a single light shining to guide you, should you pass one day. And in our garden a single willow stands waiting, weeping.

Friday, 5 March 2010

I'd like

I would really like to climb a mountain
and i don't know if I will
for to reach the highest summit
takes strength and guts and skill

I would like to swim an ocean
or even just a little sea
but to be even just a little fish like
is not a bit like me

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Friday, 12 February 2010


In the shadow of the fates
one soul yearns
and quietly waits

One heart beats
and trusts, believes
while those fates the future weaves

One life stopped
in frozen frame
smiling whispers a forbidden name

Oner flame of hope burning still
fueled by faith
and love and will

Saturday, 2 January 2010

not alone

Misunderstood, reviled
cast out and denied
but never alone

in pain and in despair
feel like going no-where
still never alone

just a touch across the miles
and sweet occasional smiles
say you're not alone

when the now is to much to endure
and the the future is unsure
remember it's not faced alone