Sunday, 26 October 2008


Give no sign
not word or smile
our balance is precarious

don't go ahead
stay behind
wear masks of indifference

never reveal
forever concealed
Dream on

Feign coolness
but know

the heart beats still within

Friday, 24 October 2008

your beacon

far away
a light still shines
dulled by distance
a constant glow
guiding lost souls home
listen carefully
beneath the storm
two hearts beat
quietly but resolutely
marking time
just waiting

sweet temptress

My senses fill with promised delight
I tremble with anticipation
preparing to indulge

You cast your net wide
your silk so fine
waiting for the tempted

As I touch your web
my nerves alert, to late
held lightly

I face you, not bravely
trembling with fear
you anticipate your indulgence

and so I end
wrapped in your embrace
cocooned in silken thread
losing my head

Thursday, 23 October 2008


Seeking all ways.
Always on the razor edge
perched precariously
should I jump before I fall?

Tense and fearful
weighing the odds
so still
weight finely balanced.
Freezing time.

Slowly slipping to one side
resigned to fate
let go, slowly
taking the breaks

Monday, 20 October 2008

more piracy

I wrote this for my biggest fan, my son Jack who says if he were my agent he would make me famous

I am a bold, bad pirate
my name is two patch Tim
Captain Hook just had one patch
so I'm twice as bad as him

I'm here to cause a menace
with all my pirate stuff
my hook, my sword, my wooden leg
and a voice that's very gruff

With my parrot on my shoulder
and my pistol in my hand
I'm going to be very bad at sea
and twice as bad on land

You'll know when I am coming
you'll hear all the softies shout
run away, quick, quick lets hide
two patch is about

I am sure I will add to this........

Monday, 13 October 2008

wanna be

(wrote this to read to a group of nursery children)

I tried to be a pirate
I've got all the pirate stuff
a patch to cover up one eye
a sword so I'll look tough
I made my hair a mess
made sure my face was hairy
but i couldn't see where i was going
and no-one thought that i was scary.

Now pirates usually have a parrot
and a big black pirate's hat
but I could only find my teddy bear
and no-one's ever scared of that.
I was going to get a great big ship
and sail away to sea
but I couldn't go too far away
because I must be back for tea.


In the supermarket
life on hold
time to ponder
thoughts tumble
2 for 1
searching for a special
planning a menus
for uncertain futures
building stranger's lives
from their groceries
until checkout