Monday, 2 July 2007


Please understand that I'm not feeling sorry for my self and I'm still anticipating lots of living. I still believe in some wonderful things for the future. That said, I have been thinking rather a lot about some of the things I want for my self and i decided that, as a father, I can wish these things for my children even if I never get them. I hope that my children find their soul mate and have a long and happy life with them; I hope my children seize opportunities to travel\emigrate and i hope that if they marry, they marry for love. Above all I hope that they always believe in themselves.


Keith Hillman said...

As a father I always worried about the what the future held for my children. But I needn't have! They now are all settled in loving relationships and have children of their own! Ok, so I still worry about them a bit! It's what parents do!

KB said...

Ditto toadee. I see the green frock is back....hmmmm

Toadee said...

Thanks for that Keith, here's hoping!

Karen! you do still like my green dress don't you?

It could've been worse lol