Monday, 3 December 2007


do you ever encounter a place or a person and find it gets you thinking about how things might have been.

I am a big user of the what if line of thought, it's a weakness of mine.

Last week i spent a lot of time in another part of the country and I thought a lot about someone who i always associate with that area wondering how life might have been different if we had met earlier.

Such thinking is not good as it doesn't change what is but in a way I enjoy, just for a short while, 'living' that alternative life.


Chica said...

Sounds similiar to my love of living vicariously through others. lol :)

Toadee said...

there's a lot to be said for vicarious living, it's cheaper for a start

Lisa McGlaun said...

oh boy, I do way too much of that "what if" thinking. It can get me into trouble by taking me away from the reality I've worked so hard to build. But as a writer, I can't seem to help falling into those sort of daydreams and as you say, living an alternative reality for a while.

KB said...

I know exactly what you mean

jadey said...

Ahhh Toadee what a hopeless romantic you are sir.